No sound on World Of Tanks

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Deuxis Dimanche 18 Mai 2014 à 14:55

My problem isn't the same you see under every topic with WoT and sound. Let me explain: I am using Linux Mint. Unlike Ubuntu, for a really long time I had no problems with sound whatsoever, but a recent update to Pulseaudio (I think) made its standard problem appeared, sound in many programs is distorted, like it was sped up a lot, with cracking etc. Now, this issue on Ubuntu is partially solved by installing 32 bit alsa plugin, but I couldn't find it in Software Manager. So, after reading a lot of topics about this I uninstalled completely Pulseaudio and every its addon and installed QasMixer. And now the thing: sound in Chrome works. Wine's sound test works after switching output from Pulseaudio to system default. But both World Of Tanks and League Of Legends have absolutely no sound. What am I missing here?

computer: Lenovo Ideapad Z570 (

OS: Linux Mint Petra
Desktop Enviroment: Cinnamon
Sound software: The standard asides from Pulseaudio replaced with QasMixer and its addons (I would explain more detailed but I'm a noob in this, sorry)
PlayOnLinux installed World Of Tanks, updated
Deuxis Dimanche 18 Mai 2014 à 20:52

I'm pretty sure it's just a PoL setting that I just missed, because everything non-playonlinux works well, separate vanilla wine works too after changiing the setting and I can't find a setting for PoL itself.