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ravery Vendredi 29 Mai 2015 à 0:24

Publisher is included with Office Pro, Enterprised and Small Business. However, it crashes when openng a template, resizing a textbox, or adding a graphic (even in the current autoconfig for Office 2007). All my searches report it as unrunnable. So I installed it to it's own wine and played, I got it running. The debug has a lot of fixme but it runs and saves. If some one wants to refine it and see if it incorperates the rest of office here's what I did:

OS - Kubuktu 14.10 (upgraded from 14.04)

Wine ver - 1.7.26 32 bit as XP

Installed: .Net 2 and the service packs (both1 and 2,probably overkill)



               IE8 (sets a lot of librarie as native)

               core fonts

The IE8 is probably overkill. If someone has the time to test, they can figure out which part of IE8 makes it work.


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ravery Samedi 30 Mai 2015 à 6:07

Update: appears any stable wine for office 2007 will support Publisher if IE8 is installed.

Format Paragraph gives low mem error and apply template crashes the program.

however, you can create new from template, import from word and pdf,  open an existing document, and edit elements. Mail mergre also appears to function.

Format font dialog window gives low memory error, but the font tool bar works perfect.

other than the above mentioned error it seems to work as intended.


Note: debug trace lists several Fixme that I didn't delve into resolving since I don't use publisher very often and I'm not that familiar with that level of correction.