PlayOnMac Icon on Exe Files

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v5point0 Jeudi 4 Juin 2015 à 20:23

Hi, I have uninstalled PlayOnMac via the the included uninstaller but whenever I attempt to download .exe files I get the PlayOnMac icon in the browser download view for both Chrome and Safari. How do I reset this to default which is probably a blank document file icon. However in Finder, it appears as a Unarchiver file icon. So is there a specific setting for Browsers? I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome but it still shows the same.

I have tried to reset MIME on my Mac via RCDefaultApp > but it does not change anything on the browser.

Any thoughts?

Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 4 Juin 2015 à 21:16
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

If you still see the icon, it is very likely that you still have a instance of PlayOnMac installed somewhere.

Can you ensure that it is not the case?