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mockingjay8 Lundi 28 September 2015 à 22:10

Hi, Ive been trying to install Eden Eternal for the past day. It loaded and all I got was two ink files


One says: Aeria Ignite.Ink

And the other: Eden Eternal.Ink

I am very confused and in need of help. Thanks!



mockingjay8 Mardi 29 September 2015 à 2:28

Ok, so ive manged to installed it but anytime Ive clicked "Run" it says it's encountered a problem and says to "Debug" I press "Debug" and it crashes. Help O - O

petch Mercredi 30 September 2015 à 0:11


Well, the whole sentence is 'Select its shortcut and click on "Debug" in the side panel to get more details', so now you have more details in the debugger window, as a debug log.

Debuggers do not fix bugs, they're analysis tools.

mockingjay8 Samedi 7 Novembre 2015 à 17:04

Thank you for responding,

I have created a shortcut but what do I do now? How do I launch it? Can Playonmac not run Eden Eternal?


petch Samedi 7 Novembre 2015 à 18:02

All tests on AppDB are "Garbage", but they're all old tests (the most recent test is almost 4 years old), so who knows...