Playonlinux not loading

Network problem?

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Whatever1985 Lundi 2 Novembre 2015 à 17:10

Hello there. Just hoping anybody here might help me or at least have an idea, what's going on.
I have downloaded and installed Playonlinux on my laptop a few months ago and it's been working fine for a wee while. Now, however, not only the program is timing out, the website itself is not loading at all (which is why the the program time-outs, most likely), as if internet connection is down. However, internet connection is fine and all other websites are loading fine. I get my internet from my phone's hot spot, serviced by Sprint. I tried to go playonlinux website on my phone - and it isn't loading either.
I wonder what the issue here is. Is it with Sprint? Does anybody here get internet via Sprint and do they experience the same problems then? Or is my access somehow blocked (by IP, network address, or by whatever other attributes) by the website itself for whatever reason?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

Whatever1985 Mardi 3 Novembre 2015 à 17:25

Update. I looked at the details of my internet connection on my laptop when playonlinux website time-outs. It looks like there's a protocol problem. Either playonlinux doesn't "understand" protocol my android (LG) uses, my android doesn't "understand" playonlinux's protocol, or my mobile carrier's network doesn't support playonlinux's protocol. Now, my expertise in technology is rather basic (and even that is quite an overestimation), so I have zero idea which of these assumptions sound valid. But it used to work fine back when I installed it...

Does anyone know if playonlinux website has recently changed its protocol? If it didn't - do you think it's more of a device problem or carrier's network problem? 

Please, help. Thank you!