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conzar Samedi 27 Février 2016 à 2:10


This is an installer script for the Battlefield 2 Revive Launcher developed by the BF2 Revive Team.   The Revive Launcher installs the Battlefield 2 Game developed by DICE and published by EA.

Battlefield 2 was abonanded when Gamespy officially shutdown in 2014.  This left Battlefield 2 players unable to login and play their game.  Battlefield 2 is also 'out of print' and unavailable for purchase on Steam and other online retailers.

The Revive team are made up of dedicated BF2 volunteers who also have skills in Web Development, Programming, and DevOps.  Their goal is to maintain BF2 supporting the game in areas of hosting online servers, managing the master servers, developing software to support the installation of the game and to make fixes where possible, and to foster a healthy BF2 community.  They will maintain all of these services FREE as its apart of their mission statement.

Setup Requirements

This section lists the extra steps taken outside of Play On Linux.

  • Register an account at
  • Download the Battlefield 2 - FULL Installer
  • Generate a game key
  • Save your key to some where secure (b/c there is no automated way to recover it ATM)

Extra Notes

This section lists additional considerations for setting up the game.

During Installation

During the install process, you will be promted with a few additional screens within wine.

CD Key

The CD Key must be entered in the wine install window.  It will prompt you to enter the CD and cannot proceed without it.  Please enter the cd that you registered from

Last Screen

The last screen of the installation process askes if you would like to launch the game when completed.  Untick the 'launch game' checkbox.


Use the BF2 Battlelog - Launcher to launch the game.  Follow these instructions the first time.

  • Click settings
  • Click general
  • Enter in your user/pass from
  • Check the auto login box
  • Check the Force Custom Resolution
  • Enter the desired resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Click Save
  • Click 'Run Battlefield 2

In Game Configuration

  • Click on Options -> Video
  • Display Mode -> 1920 x 1080
  • Make sure Anti-Aliasing is turned OFF
  • Click on Controls
  • Change the screenshot shortcut to something else - like '\'
    • The reason is if you leave it as 'PRNT SCREEN", it will cause your game to freeze as the PRNT SCREEN uses the window manage.
  • Try singleplayer to get all of your controls/shortcuts/mouse sensitises right



A serious of screenshots have been uploaded to


The Script

The script is managed in a bitbucket (git) repository called bf2_battlelog_pol.



This section lists the help that I need as this is my first script.


I don't know if the icons I am using are the best.  Please let me know your comments on them. 

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MTres19 Vendredi 20 Mai 2016 à 3:32

The script looks good, but perhaps this should be a contribution to the original Battlefield 2 script...? The original certainly could do with an updated Wine version.

CoolhandWarrior Mercredi 5 Avril 2017 à 12:51

thanks to Levan, i have successfully installed BF2 with his video!
But i am not able to retrieve my revive account on linux(it works on windows, maybe not a linux problem)

In my search i found your script Conzar to run POL with the current .exe full installer on revive website.

Quite in trouble now for me, your post have about one year, do you have any update, please? Maybe now it needs dotnet45, but there are conflicts with my pol install?


Edité par CoolhandWarrior

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