Victoria II block at first step

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Vlad123 Mercredi 16 Mars 2016 à 15:01

After the video, the music stop, and the game crash! I have eliminated the file time, and all load of directory "cache"! but not run! :( I do use a particular version of Wine?!

booman Mardi 22 Mars 2016 à 23:43

Looks like Victoria 2 needs these packages/components:

  • d3dx9_36
  • vcrun2005
  • dotnet30
  • dotnet30sp1

Also you should create a shortcut to v2game.exe

Run the game from this shortcut after launching Steam.

There is a note that msvcrt2005sp1 needs to be installed, but I've never installed this library for any game.  You will have to find it online on Microsfts downloads.

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Vlad123 Mercredi 6 Avril 2016 à 19:31

Run, thanks! :)