Simcity 2000 SE GOG version - game stretches to both my screens

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Cunningham Samedi 9 Avril 2016 à 18:04

Hello, I am new to using PlayonLinux and I just installed the GOG version of SimCity 2000 SE. I am having a problem with the screen resolution as it stratches to both my monitors in fullscreen. I know that I can press ALT+Enter and go into a windowed mode, but I would rather have it fullscreen on one monitor. SimCity 2000 SE is a DOSBOX installation on POL, so I know that I cannot go into the wingcgf to fix this. Is there a conf file that I can change anywhere? Or force DosBOX to change this? I noticed that the cfg data saves to PlayOnLinux_DOSBox.cfg in the PlayOnLinux_DOSBox_tmp directory. But changing anything in the PlayOnLinux_DOSBox.cfg file will get overwritten every time I start the game.


I am using Play on Linux 4.2.10 on Mint 17.3 if that helps at all. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.