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RedRaven Vendredi 6 Mai 2016 à 18:46

i tried to install the launcher on my iMac but after the Log in screen it shows just a whitescreened window instead of the main menu.
I use OSX 10.11.14 (El Capitan)
3,06 Intel Core i3
4 GB 133 Mhz DDR3
ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB

Sry for bad english :/

I know that there´s a macclient for but i want to play Overwatch, so i try if i can install it through Playonmac to work around the "Overwatch is not available for Mac" :)

alface Dimanche 8 Mai 2016 à 9:20

Same here. I used this guy script and got same two white windows error

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RedRaven Jeudi 12 Mai 2016 à 21:50

With your linked script, there are the whitescreens too. I think something is missing. Anything that can be changed in winecfg maybe?!