Installing Oddword Abe's Exoddus via Porting Kit

Installation issues, gdiplus.dll (?!)

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LucaPombo Lundi 29 Aoüt 2016 à 14:19

Hi to everybody!

 I would like to receive some help in the installation of a game (Oddword, Abe's Exoddus) via Porting Kit application (a Mac software to play Windows-based games). I got the .exe file from and I tried to install it. 
However, during the installation process, they show me this message:
"Runtime error (141:148)
Access violation at address 46EB50B3 in module 'gdiplus.dll'. Read of address 06956F3C"
Then, the Wineskin application tells me the following:
No new executables found
Maybe the installer failed...?
If you tried to install somewhere other than C: drive (drive_c in the wrapper) then you will get this message too.  All software must be installed in C: drive."
Please I ask you what should I do in order to solve this issue! Thanks in advance to whom will help me! :D
L. Pombo
VitorMM Mardi 30 Aoüt 2016 à 14:55

You should ask that in the Porting Kit forum (

But answering your question, you should have selected the game installer when the Porting Kit requested instead of installing it with Wineskin.


LucaPombo Lundi 5 September 2016 à 23:20

Hi Vitor! Thanks for the reply!

I did a mistake when I uploaded this question. First, I thought that this website was a general website for solving issues related windows-based games on Mac.

Later on, I found out that actually there was this program called "PlayOnMac". I downloaded it and my .exe file game ran perfectly !

So I thank yoo so much for developing this program! (minor problem: I cannot play in full-screen mode but it doesn't matter ;) )

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