PlayOnLinux is already running

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dersew Mercredi 7 Mai 2008 à 11:58

hello people,
I have a small problem when I start playonlinux appears before a
window on written "playonlinux is already running", but in reality playonlinux is not started.
I can not solve.


- Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy & gnome,kde4 - Dual Core Duo 2.66 E6750 - Asus Nvidia 8600GT 512 DDR3 - Asus P5KC - 2 Gb DDR2 800 Mhz -
Malamut Samedi 10 Mai 2008 à 20:22

Well... I can give you only one advice: attentively read all names of topics in a forum...
Ghostofkendo Samedi 10 Mai 2008 à 22:37

Hi dersew,

Your issue is strange, are you sure you didn't launch POL or a game before?
Copy here the console's output after launching POL (by typing "playonlinux").