Please Help Playonmac

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Bazilbrush17 Samedi 8 Octobre 2016 à 20:10

Hi All,


So I would like to begin by saying I LOVE the simplicity of Playonmac!

Maybe however, it is too simple that I can not figure it out?

I have a mac desktop computer on which I installed playonmac. I have used the Skyrim V  preset to allow me to play this game on my computer. The wizard installed steam on which I bought a copy of Skyrim and began playing the game to my relief and great Joy!!!! All in all to this point I have been very happy.


I shut down my computer and on turning my computer back on and opening playonmac I have not been able to find away to launch steam or skyrim again. 

When i look under configure I can see Skyrim has been added as a virtual machine but I can not see a way to get back to the FUN.


Please any help would be greatly appriciated. I have waited many years to begin playing this game I do not want to be away from it for much longer.

Cheers for any help.



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