I cannot uninstall PlayOnMac

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WildfireTech Lundi 31 Octobre 2016 à 3:23


I tried out the software, but it just wasn't my cup fo tea, so now I want it removed from my system.  I have run the uninstaller from the DMG, emptied the trash, and rebooted.  Yet, if I click on an EXE (Windows executable file) PlayOnMac still opens.

So the I went through the manual process:  The application is no longer in the /Applications folder, I have ensured that ~/Library/PlayOnMac and ~/Library/Application Support/PlayOnMac are gone, but the application refuses to remove itself from my system and all EXE files still show the PlayOnMac icon.  Double clicking an EXE loads up the "phantom" PlayOnMac that I cannot remove from my computer.

How can I uninstall this application?!