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plata Dimanche 8 Janvier 2017 à 14:27

Sure. But I think that up to now not many people are involved with PoL 5. So the sooner the transition is made, the smoother it will be (simply because fewer people are affected).

Lachu Samedi 21 Janvier 2017 à 18:12

Where is placed Pol5? I can find git link to Pol4 only. I will try add my own UI to POL. This UI will be based on my own libraries.

plata Samedi 21 Janvier 2017 à 22:23

Lachu Dimanche 22 Janvier 2017 à 11:43


plata Dimanche 22 Janvier 2017 à 16:57

Do you have any particular reason to implement a PoL GUI in pure C? The Java GUI is completely styleable via CSS.

Lachu Mercredi 25 Janvier 2017 à 14:47

The reason to implement PoL: frontend in libgreattao is elminating needs to maintain many frondends. I read about there's also Qt5 frontent, etc. Libgreattao have GTK+, QT5 and console backend.