Star Trek Online-DirectX not supported

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habano44 Vendredi 30 Décembre 2016 à 21:23


I am using POM the first time so please excuse any missing knowledge.

I installed POM and then Star trek online directly with the POM Menu without any problems. Then, after the launcher patched the game, i used the start button, thats when a window with a message pops up telling me that my DirectX Version is not suported and that my graphic card wont be supported after the 01.03.2017.

I am trying to play the game on my MacBook Air 2015 / 2,2 GHz I7 / Intel HD 6000 1536MB / 8GB 1600 DDR3

I tried to install DirecX withe the POM Menu without succes.

Does anyone have a sugestion what i can do to fix this.


 Thanks in advance