Cant install Dragon Oath

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BMN Mardi 21 Février 2017 à 9:35

hi im very new to linux . i try to install DO3 game ( but i cant , any help would be apreciated. thanks in advance

BMN Lundi 13 Mars 2017 à 19:27

i have managed to install and play game, if anyone interesed in playing this game this is what i do

1. install wine 2.3 open playonlinux install game, after installing game you need to click on configure and install dot20, ie8, dx3d9, vcrun2005, vcrun2008, msxml3, vcrun6, wininet

2 open game  an error appear ( dont click on it , just ignore it, if you click it kill game) wait 20-30 sec for game to load and have fun playing

If somebody more experienced in linux than me find a better/easier way to install this game please post.