League of Legends glitch, need help please

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Sinnypoo Vendredi 1 September 2017 à 14:25

tried 2.13 staging and i got past the loading screen just to freeze in champ select right when it started at 88seconds on the timer

Sinnypoo Vendredi 1 September 2017 à 14:26

lol alright thanks though, you did help me with my fps problem after all <3

Sinnypoo Samedi 2 September 2017 à 7:04

if anyone else has a idea on how to fix my sound problem im all ears :D

DicenTheReindeer Mercredi 20 September 2017 à 2:58

Not sure if this will help, but I've seen a few people suggestiong to set FPS cap at 60 and it will be fine through the whole game.

As far as the sound problem goes. No idea.