Wine built with patch for fallout 4?

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BloodyIron Samedi 7 Octobre 2017 à 20:35

Hey, can we get a build made for a patch for fallout 4?

I'm talking about patch :

Found from winehq report :

I'm not sure if this needs to be 32bit or 64bit just yet, so maybe build both? But if we could get this, this would make things super convenient to test!

Thanks :)

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0dx Mercredi 11 Octobre 2017 à 18:35

in pol after start we see only black screen, yep (

BloodyIron Mercredi 11 Octobre 2017 à 18:43

It would be nice if we could get a build with the fix. Last I checked builds have been made for things like this in the past.

0dx Mercredi 11 Octobre 2017 à 22:52

yep, i very long wait fallout 4 on linux ^) do many donats to wine and crossover and pol hehe...

booman Mercredi 15 Novembre 2017 à 0:40

I have contacted PlayOnLinux developers as well about this patch.

Seems the only thing stopping Wine from playing is a simple coded/audio patch.  Everything else seems to run really well.

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