Problem installing component wininet

Error in POL_Download_Resource: MD5 sum mismatch

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cbonet Lundi 8 Juin 2020 à 20:19

Hi all,


I'm running PlayOnMac 4.3.4 on a macOS Mojave 10.14.6. I wanted to install wininet but I got the following error:


Error in POL_Download_Resource

MD5 sum mismatch ! (2 attempt)


Error ! Files Mismatch

Local : bfbe02c5deb940293169bd2ff71013c7

Server : 0c0f6e300800e49472e9b2e0890a09c1


Should I try installing wininet using winetricks?.




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Dadu042 Mardi 9 Juin 2020 à 11:10

No, just retry later. Perhaps the host ( was down.

jdws Samedi 20 Juin 2020 à 13:03

Hi guys,


So I fixed this issue for myself by finding the file failing to download in my case WindowsXP-KB975337-x86-ENU.exe


This file gets created in /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/PlayOnMac/ressources/WindowsXP-KB975337-x86-ENU.exe


I deleted this file and then downloaded the file via the url in the error message and placed in this location.

Once file is in the right place, retry again and all should work.