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tools missing from flyout

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polusr Mardi 4 Aoüt 2020 à 11:14


I have installed Photoshop CS6 on Linux Mint 20.04 Cinnamon with Wine version 5.0.1 and PlayOnLinux v4.3.4

Everything seems to be working except toolbar flyouts are blank - it shows the desktop area.. please see the screenshot, thanks.

(I apologise if this is not the right way to show images.)

Kindly let me know how to resolve this.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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polusr Mercredi 5 Aoüt 2020 à 16:55

I searched a lot but couldn't get any relevant information. Any help appreciated.


(Apologies for the *bump*)

polusr Lundi 10 Aoüt 2020 à 7:31

Photoshop Tool options (brush sizes etc.) also appears blank, like the image above.

Kindly help or point me to any related resources if possible.

Or should I be asking this on Wine forums?

Thanks a lot.

polusr Jeudi 8 Octobre 2020 à 8:33

There seems to be a workaround for this (if it helps someone)

If you go to Playonlinux window -> Select Photoshop -> Configure -> Select Wine tab -> Select Configure Wine -> Select Graphics tab & Select emulate Virtual desktop

Tools will show normally.

Its given here:

But there should be another way as it wasn't there before.. ie., it worked normally without the above step.


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