PlayonMac won't open at all

Application never opens- terminal says "Bad CPU type in executable"

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ollygh19 Lundi 30 Aoüt 2021 à 21:53

Hi there,

After installing PlayonMac the PlayonMac application won't open. It jumps once but doesn't do anything. This is after I overiddes security preferences for not be a known developer.

 I used to have it years ago working on this machine but had an older version which when opened today didn't work so I deleted it and tried to install the latest version 4.3.3

My OS is Big Sur version 11.5.2


Any help would be hugely appreciated.



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rapheal Samedi 4 September 2021 à 17:23


I was just going through your post and came to know about your query. On the PlayOnMac forms there is a beta version that will function on macOS Catalina 10.15 if you disable SIP and with SIP enabled if running 10.15.4 and greater.