Can't create a topic in "Application tests".

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NoIdea Jeudi 6 Janvier 2022 à 3:01

Can't seem to create a topic in "Application tests".  Any reason for this?  As you can see, other sections of the forum work fine.  I was trying to report a problem with the game "Forbidden", which is on the "supported" list but didn't work when I tried it.

Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 7 Janvier 2022 à 14:05
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

Because "Application Test" is not really a topic but a link to "Supported software" section

NoIdea Dimanche 9 Janvier 2022 à 1:01

Hmm.  Well, it says in the "PlayOnLinux" forum, in , 

This forum was made for all problems regarding PlayOnLinux itself.

All messages concerning a program in supported software list (whatever it is: bug, feedback) must be posted in the following forum:


Which leads to the "Application tests" section, which it's not possible to create new topics in.  Is it not supposed to lead there, or what?

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