AGE OF Empires III - NO Sound...

Sound issues

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gseymour Lundi 24 Mai 2010 à 9:03


I am a noob at Wine / Playonlinux...
from what I can see all went well with the install.
I used the update, then crack (no cd) and the game launches fine.
The cinematic's was fine, sound and video perfect. game menu and all look fine, and I set the resolution and the vsync on.

But in anything in game, there is no sound, even though the sound settings are on....

any idea why?
NSLW Lundi 24 Mai 2010 à 9:22

What distro you use and do you use pulseaudio?
gseymour Mardi 25 Mai 2010 à 8:37

Hi - Sorry, i use ubuntu - and I have pulseaudio yes....
gseymour Vendredi 28 Mai 2010 à 8:04

felipemoraes Dimanche 30 Mai 2010 à 2:20

It seems to be a problem in WINE, there is even a bug report there. I got the same problem, I´m using ubuntu lucid.

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