Far Cry 2 Can't Start

Display Settings Not Found?

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Omnimous Strike Mardi 15 Juin 2010 à 9:24
Omnimous StrikeAnonymous


I successfully installed Far Cry 2 using the preinstalled scripts in PlayOnLinux. The installer had no troubles or errors.

I go to run the game and a black box appears with a windows title of Far Cry 2, then an error pops up saying suitable display settings could not be found.

'Could Not Find Suitable Display Settings!"

I hit ok and it ends.

I am a using linux for the first time, so I do not know much about terminal.

I am running Ubuntu 9.10 and using the GNOME desktop.

Thanks for any help in advance.

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Omnimous Strike Mardi 15 Juin 2010 à 10:15
Omnimous StrikeAnonymous

By The Way:

This is the system info window in POL:

System information:

Your system : GNU/Linux
Your kernel : Linux 2.6.31-22-generic
System language : en_AU.UTF-8
Your video card : GeForce 8600M GT/PCI/SSE2
Your distribution : Ubuntu
Your distribution version : 9.10
Wine version installed : wine-1.1.38
Wine version used by PlayOnLinux : wine-1.1.38
NSLW Mardi 15 Juin 2010 à 16:07

Did you install any graphic card drivers? What is the resolution of your screen?
Omnimous Strike Mercredi 16 Juin 2010 à 8:50
Omnimous StrikeAnonymous

The resolution of my screen is 1280 x 800.

I have these display drivers installed:

Nvidia binary driver ('version 185' driver)
This is what it says in ubuntu software centre.

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Omnimous Strike Vendredi 18 Juin 2010 à 23:46
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