Unable to find the version: 0.9.19?

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MatthewAds Dimanche 29 Aoüt 2010 à 8:03

Trying to install SimCity 4 Deluxe, I get this error message every time I try.

"Unable to find the version: 0.9.19"

Anyone know what it means, and how I might fix it?
Thanks in advance.


Oh, and I should probably include:

- Running Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04
- PlayOnLinux 3.8 from the Ubuntu DEB file on the download page.
- Gnome Desktop

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Aymeric P. Mardi 31 Aoüt 2010 à 13:16
Aymeric P.


This is a bug, normally PlayOnLinux should detect when you are trying to use a specified release of Wine that isn't already installed and install it.

But this one is broken.

A current work around is to install manually the WIne 0.9.19 before installing, use the Wine Version Manager to do this one.


EDIT:This was fixed in developpement version.

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