the Starcraft 2 installer will not pop up

the Starcraft 2 installer will not pop up

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alma29v1 Mercredi 17 Novembre 2010 à 9:40

win a click on instal and select starcraft 2 from the list the screen terns gray for a sec like it is going to open but nuthing popes up the only other program i have run on pol is iTunes and that worked great when picked for the install list
GNU_Raziel Vendredi 19 Novembre 2010 à 0:47

You need to give more details if you want help :
-Distribution used
-Graphic card
-Graphic driver version
-POL version
-Have you disable Compiz-Fusion ? (Useless eye-candy desktop effects)
-When you launch POL using a terminal, do you see error messages ?
-Do you try to install retail DVD or Digital Edition ?
morimando Jeudi 17 Février 2011 à 16:09

Same problem
rm: Entfernen von „*.jpg“ nicht möglich: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
/home/morimando/.PlayOnLinux/install: Zeile 48: POL_GetSetupImages: Kommando nicht gefunden.
/home/morimando/.PlayOnLinux/install: Zeile 50: POL_SetupWindow_InitWithImages: Kommando nicht gefunden.

(removing *.jpg unsuccessfull, file or directory not found
POL_GetSetupImages: command not found
POL SetupWindows_InitWithImages: command not found)
Ubuntu 10.10 x86_64, nvidia 8600gt, pol 3.7.6, compiz running (shouldn't matter at that point, WoW Installer starts up), retail DVD
morimando Jeudi 17 Février 2011 à 16:13

Starts up in 3.8.8