Problem with FIFA 11

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carloscc Lundi 3 Janvier 2011 à 17:22

I do not speak good English.

Thanks to Play On Linux, install it, and I run it, but when trying to load the stadium to play, get an error that says it has encountered a problem and closes, and I can not play ...

How I can solve the problem?

I put a photo to see the error ...

Thanks ...
carloscc Lundi 3 Janvier 2011 à 17:24

Sorry, photo:
jaguar201 Samedi 8 Janvier 2011 à 14:29

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and it all runs fine, except menus keep cycling up by themselves (continuously - non stop). Then when I finally do manage to get a game to start (very difficult fighting cycling menus) it works a part from the wee problem of there being no play sprites at all! (There is just a ball on the pitch).

Using Radeon 5850 if it helps!

Smon Lundi 24 Janvier 2011 à 18:46


i have the same problem as mentioned in the first post:
All works fine, but when i want to play against another team, Fifa11 crashes.

Tried all kind of settings :(
I have a Radeon HD 3870, maybe its the fglrx driver? Which driver do you have installed jaguar201?
But other Games work fine :(
Smon Mardi 8 Février 2011 à 17:03

Ok, the problem was fglrx, it works fine with a geforce 6800gs