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Googleness Jeudi 24 Février 2011 à 13:19

I've recently installed PlayOnLinux on my pc after seeing it on youtube...

At any rate my spec:
PlayOnLinux version - 3.8.10
Os - Linux Mint 10 (Gnome) \\ as I'm from Israel my OS language is Hebrew (RTL)
Wine - 1.2.2

I have several problems which I couldn't solve using google or the documention:

1. My description box is empty no matter which program I choose on the list.

2. Some of the programs I want to install using POL manager (such as DirectX) asks for a prefix but the list is empty, Because I can't choose any right after I click Next the installation is closed.

3. For running steam do I need to install IE? because it crashes instantly when there is an in-steam window which normally shows an internet browser section.

Thanks for your help,

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