Diablo 2 very low fps (in window mode)

in normal mode okay but still low

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deF291 Vendredi 25 Février 2011 à 6:26

I just managed installing diablo 2 + lod with playonlinux and even got it to work properly :#
the only problem is that I have in normal fullscreen mode ~70 fps max., though stable, but when I play in window mode i have 20 fps max. °_°
Can someone tell me how to fix this or where the problem seems to be?
I didn't finish the VideoMode-Test at the end of d2 installation since the first time I did so my pc crashed and the monitor froze to a black picture..
Is that necessary for d2 to emit which rendering mode it should use or can I specify that manually?
I looked through the registry but could find only incomprehensive video-entries about DirectDraw(device) etc.. can I tune something there?
In the playonlinux-3d test (with the wheels turning) I have ~3400 fps with my ATI Radeon 9250 pro, using Arch Linux (i686) with fluxbox - kernel version 2.6.37.
other hardware is:
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
2 GB Ram
I configured the correct VideoCardMemory as well as the RenderingMode as proposed in the sticky-thread.. Should I try the DIB Engine patch, and if yes, how? :D
thanks in advance


/e: I did the D2VidTest.exe again, now it worked without problem, I can choose between DirectDraw and Direct3D, but actually it makes no difference at all considering the fps..
OffscreenRenderingMode and all other options in Advanced Wine Configuration plugin made no difference as well considering the performance.. :|

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