[Oblivion 1.0] Several issues

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SIlvh Samedi 26 Février 2011 à 15:47

Hello forums, this is my first post so excuse me if I'm missing something.. As well as my first day of actually using Linux, so I'm fairly inexperienced and might not understand all the technical jibber-jabber right away. I apologize in advance and will try to look through as much as I can, but so far it seems quite a bit more complicated then I had anticipated at first.. Anyways, on to my actual post then. :)

Linux Distribution : Ubuntu 10.10
Desktop : GNOME
Wine Version 1.3.17 (If I remember correctly, it's the one your Oblivion install script uses)
There are no errors displayed, and it's a fresh install from ~2 hours ago, with just PlayOnlinux installed.

Issue 1, Patch getting canceled.
Apparently Oblivion.exe is an old file, but it does not match.. Not entirely sure what this means, might be a bug in their patcher, might be an issue in Wine.. But I figured I'd mention it either way.

Issue 2, No Sounds
I've tried doodling with the sound settings in-game, but to no avail. To be honest I'm completely clueless on this one.. Is the sound simply not compatible, as it's set to 0% in the settings every time I start the game.. Or is there something else at play?

Issue 3, Disappearing Characters
This one is rather amusing actually, every character including their armor is invisible.. BUT their eyes and mouth still show, along with their weapon and shadows. This is rather awkward and I'm going to assume the standard ATI drivers that come with Linux might be causing this, however I haven't managed to tweak the settings in getting this to work yet.
- Appears to be fixed, I disabled GLSL shaders and shut down Catalyst AI and it seems to have fixed the issue.

These are all the issues I've encountered so far, the game runs stable.. No noticeable performance loss over Windows, and the controls work flawlessly(aside from being unable to hit escape on the splash logos on game startup, not really an issue though).

Thank you in advance for your help, and I hope I've provided enough information for you guys to make sense out of at least the character issue, the rest I can live with really.. But the missing characters is just game breaking, as it does that on monsters as well.

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