Mounting problem

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Infant Lundi 7 Mars 2011 à 16:44

Using Ubuntu 10.10 (32bit)
POL version: 3.8.12
Video Card: Radeo x800 (old)
Video drivers what came default with Ubuntu

I try to install: Need for Speed 3

Problem: I have original game in .iso format and i cant install it. When i choose "install' and locate the game new window pops up. I follow the instuctions but on window "where is your CD-ROM mounted?" i dont see anything else but "Other". When i click other and put location of my mounted NFS3 i press forward and nothing happens. It doesnt matter if i put correct path to mounted game or not corret path - it just does nothing.

Ive searched forums and google, but people fix this issue changing mount location. This didndt help for me. Also what is strange i have on /media only flowpy and floppy0 (no CDROM).
I mount with Gmount program and tried sudo mount -o loop Sims3.iso /mnt/cdrom/ (with correct paths)
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