ie6 popup problem

but work on old playonlinux 3.6.7

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lokki Lundi 11 Avril 2011 à 18:09

Hello, long time ago I installed PlayOnLinux 3.6.7
on my Ubuntu 8.04 used to run internet explorer 6.
I have always used without problems to use a portal
generated by SAP.
A few weeks ago I bought a new laptop but the version of
internet explorer 6 installed with PlayOnLinux 3.8.12
don't works because it does not open popup.

Its possible to have the script that intall IE6 with 3.6.7?

I tried to copy the folder. / PlayOnLinux from the old notebook
to the new installed with 3.6.7 that I found online but
dont work.

Can you help me ?
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