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ThunderAeroI Dimanche 23 Octobre 2011 à 19:28

I have a physical copy of "The Sims 3" and the expansion pack "World Adventures". The original physical copy of "The Sims 3" would not install via Playonliux and always failed on so I aquaired a digital copy of "The Sims 3" and was able to complete the installation just fine. I followed the directions provided in the digital copy.

When I tried to install "World Adventures" it said there was a region issue with my copy so I followed some directions online an changed my region to 1 from 2. World Adventures looked like it would install but then the patch process for "The Sims 3" failed with a generic error message about the update failing.

If I download the patch from the internet to go from the original version to 1.26, the patch says it can not detect any version of "The Sims 3" installed even though it clearly is and I can play it without any problems.

Q. How can I get "The Sims 3" to update from the original version to the newest version.

Q. Then how can I install "World Adventures" over it from my phycial copy. Will I also require a hacked exe and dll for that as well (which seems alluded to in the notes)

neil Dimanche 6 Novembre 2011 à 11:59

The script looks for

on my Fedora install, 'installed' doesn't exist. There is a 'setups' directory, with a TS3 subdirectory.

If I create
$REPERTOIRE/configurations/installed/The Sims 3
the script runs to completion (well, I didn't actually do the install, because I don't know if that's a non-breaking kludge).


BTW, the game lists its Working Wine Version as 1.3.4, and the updater as 1.1.42. Neither seem willing to use the existing 1.3.24, which means installing this game requires 3 versions of Wine.

Is there any way to get the script to accept other versions?
GNU_Raziel Lundi 7 Novembre 2011 à 21:15

Sims 3 PoL installers need serious cleanup/fix because they're outdated. This will be done as soon as possible but since we're already very busy, don't expect quick fix.