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realta_taisteal Dimanche 15 Janvier 2012 à 3:02

I'v been not told to mention POL on wineHQ. I forgot about that.

I posted a message. I explain how I got from A to B. From POL script to wine mouse bug. I was finished with scripting "Empire Earth I" for POL. I'm struggling with the mouse code. So, I ask about it. I may have asked a question about POL in explaining how I got from A to B. More about method/logic than POL. The point was mouse coding.

The mention of POL and people won't talk to you. No, not that? "plain wine", POL is scripting that uses plain wine. I'm the one making a patched/"not plain" wine. So, how is POL is not a "plain wine"? It downloads and installs wine from standard sources. Clearly a "plain wine". They want me to do the install the hard way. No, not that?

Am I making any sense? Has logic gone out the window. Someone explain this to me.


Quentin PÂRIS Dimanche 15 Janvier 2012 à 13:30
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous


Indeed, I tried to talk with wine developers / forum administrators few months ago, but they refuse to help people that mention PlayOnLinux or PlayOnMac.

There are several reason for that. Some of them are legetimate, some of them are not.

- They don't have time to understand how does POL work
- They think that we patch wine. That's totally wrong. PlayOnLinux builds wine from official winehq git.
- Our scripts are quick and dirty for them, or use dirty fixes. In general, our scripts just show some GUI to the user. Registry hack or other kind of tweaks are very rare.

Sometimes, we use patched wine version, but only for programs that are not supported by wine. It's very easy to see if a wineversion is patched : its name finished with -patchname. (Example : wine-1.3.2-vertexblending)

So to sum up, most of the time, PlayOnLinux just runs wine as you would do without using it. It just makes wine more friendly as Crossover do. If you have problem and you're sure that it comes from wine and not from us, I'm afraid that you'll need to test your software without using PlayOnLinux for the moment. I know it's a total waste of time, but I can't do anything about it.


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realta_taisteal Lundi 16 Janvier 2012 à 23:10

To use the american phrase, "I'm screwed." Using "plain wine" won't help me at all. The problem is specific to wine.

Through testing, I know it's the conversion from absolute to reletive positioning. I know the general problem and how to fix it from research. Without a wine developer or expert on mouse coding, I have learn all about linux mouse and windows mouse coding myself. This will a long road of learning. Ask me six months to a year from now and we'll see. :p

If you know a linux mouse coder, tell me.

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realta_taisteal Mardi 24 Janvier 2012 à 21:52

Here's a post on the suse forums. Can admins comment on this?

The Wine developers are interested in proper fixes that can be incorporated into Wine. POL incorporates dirty hacks that can make one app work, but which can break many others. They have a history of installing said hacks without informing the user, and POL users wasting Wine developers' time by filing invalid bugs for problems caused by those hacks. You are not going to get any help from WineHQ to create a hack for POL.

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Quentin PÂRIS Mardi 24 Janvier 2012 à 22:08
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

In general, we don't use any hacks, and it does'nt break anything because each program installed by POL has its own prefix. These people do not seem to be really informed about POL

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Plekto Samedi 3 Mars 2012 à 21:35

I'm new here, but I'd also like to add that there appears to be a general long-standing "not our problem" issue with Wine about the mouse driver, or basically lack of one that works. This, of course, is a major issue with Wine due to the number of tweaks and hacks that people are having to do to get the games to work.

After three YEARS of this, it's clear that they simply aren't going to write something as simple as a mouse driver. I personally suggest that POL or a group of people just do this themselves. It's in fact, the #1 issue for Wine from what I can tell. Video and sound work perfectly. Mouse is rubbish. This affects 3/4 of the games I have tried to run, despite their insistence on the forums that it's isolated to a few rare instances. Based upon the mouse drivers/fixes that people have been writing, we're talking about 5-10K of code from the looks of it. When the mouse is DOA, you know something is just simply wrong and they're avoiding it for a reason.

I did notice, though, that the commercial version (Cedega, which is now defunct/out of business) had no such mouse issues, so I suspect that's why they are simply avoiding the issue like the plague. IE - it probably requires some OEM program or code to make work properly. Since there is apparently already had a proper mouse driver written, they can't really re-use the same code again and are likely stuck as they'd have to charge for Wine/change the license itself. (classic catch-22)

So as near as I can tell, they dodge the issue as they can't legally fix it as their use of the LGPL license has backed them into a corner.

Sorry for being so long-winded here. The solution, then, to this long-standing issue is for someone to just simply write a proper driver and distribute it. And, if it requires proprietary code or something, to be honest, I'd pay $5 or $10 to have my stuff work. I paid for MP3 and MPEG codecs already and a small amount of money to fix this isn't a factor.
Drowz0r Jeudi 12 Avril 2012 à 21:43

It's a bit odd to be honest, considering Play On Linux is so recommended:

But yes I went to WineHQ first, thinking they would help with a Wine problem.

They basically told me "no".

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Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 12 Avril 2012 à 23:50
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

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