Everquest 2 - Old launcher doesn't exist

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Five Jeudi 2 Février 2012 à 22:47

Hi, I copied my whole Everquest2 folder from windows, got the new launcher to run through wine. It's laggy and the mouse is bugged out. I thought I would give POL a try and see if the game worked better on it. Well, I have a MIFI connection (545kbs) very slow, and I don't want to download the OLD LAUNCHER (It doesn't exist anymore) being I have the new one. I seen another thread about "Just install the game". I'm not gonna waste 5 days of downloading when I already have everything. I was wondering if there's something like a script I could write or copy to make my existing EQ2 work with POL or if I should try to install & hope the it downloads the new patcher and I can just update the assets from there. I appreciate any responses. Thanx :]

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