Umbuntu 12.04 LTS?

which version of playon is best?

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cp361 Jeudi 10 Mai 2012 à 1:23

Of the following flavors of playon which is best for
Umbuntu 12.04 LTS?
Oneiric version
Natty version
Maverick version
Lucid version
Or how do I check the version I'm using?

cp361 Jeudi 10 Mai 2012 à 1:44

And the answer is "Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)" therefore the latest release is not compatible with my system? Well that is a shame
Geske Samedi 12 Mai 2012 à 5:22

I'm sure they're working on it. :)
Drowz0r Mardi 15 Mai 2012 à 19:20

Oneiric Oncelot (11.10) version I find the best. 12.04 broke all my games.

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