Oblivion outdoor crash issue

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DTurtle Vendredi 11 Mai 2012 à 9:20


I'm trying to get The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to work in PoL, but the game crashes after about a minute or two of exploration in outdoor environments (indoor is completely stable).

I've installed the Shivering Isles expansion (with the latest patch), and I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. Running Wine version 1.3.29 for this game.

I have the following settings for the display tab under configuration:

GLSL Support -- enabled
Direct Draw Renderer -- default
Video mem. size -- 256
Offscreen rendering mode -- fbo
Render target -- default
Multisampling -- default
Strict Draw Ordering -- default

I enabled GLSL and switched to fbo after reading some guides, but those seem to be for an older version of Wine (0.9.31 or earlier). If there's a way to add that version of Wine to PoL, I'd like to know how. Otherwise, does anyone have another solution to this problem? I don't think it's a video card or processor issue as I get 60 fps in all areas before the game crashes after I start exploring for a little while. But in case that is the problem, I'm running the generic Intel HD 3000 series card.


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GNU_Raziel Vendredi 11 Mai 2012 à 14:00


I did not experience this outdoor problem myself but it's a well known problem with wine. Try using latest wine (1.5.3) ans see if it goes better. If not, using special mods like "Oldblivion" (lower shader version needed, fix many unfixed bugs even with latest official patches, ect...).

Also note that Intel "graphic" card offer VERY poor performances with GNU/Linux. To play as a linux user, nothing is better than a good NVIDIA card for now.



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