Playonlinux only recognizing single core of multicore processor

AMD Phenom X4 2 quad core processor Diablo 3

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Enderdad Samedi 19 Mai 2012 à 5:23

Hey I'm new to POL and I have had no issues with Diablo 3 installation and playing D3 thanks to POL except for the occasional graphical bug and lagging performance.  I was able to pull up the task manager for POL while playing D3 and noticed that only one core out of my quadcore processor was being utilized and I'm not sure if that's just an issue with D3 since its still brand new to the community and its an issue that needs to be worked out or if that is a consistant with the POL platform across the board.

Again I apologize if this issue has already been brought up/addressed but D3 is the only game I've ever used on the POL platform and am looking forward to trying out some other games with it since you have made it so easy to game on linux.

Thanks for the help!!
GNU_Raziel Samedi 19 Mai 2012 à 19:57


This is no PoL issue but a wine one, you should ask on wine forum/bugtracker.



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