sources for wine-1.4_dos_support

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sastie Samedi 2 Juin 2012 à 2:46

Does anyone know where the sources for the different wine-1.4_dos_support* versions are located ? I like the config paradigm used by these but need to do a build off of wine-1.5.4 (or 1.5.5) and I would gladly contribute it back to the project. 
sastie Jeudi 7 Juin 2012 à 15:54

No one knows?
Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 7 Juin 2012 à 18:03
Quentin PÂRIS

Sorry for the delay.

There are no sources because wine itself is not modified.

Just download our binary and modify it as you like (any improvement would be appreciated)

Here is the changes

Original wine binary has became wine.real
wine file is a script that detects what wrapper we should take
dos_wrapper is also a bash script added

That's all :)
sastie Vendredi 8 Juin 2012 à 21:07

Thanks for the information Quentin.