Linux Mint & Office 2007 Help !!

Pop-up windows not working

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Maximiliano Dimanche 15 Juillet 2012 à 20:40


I'm trying to use Office 2007 with Playonlinux. The
installation goes OK and the application mainly "works", but I can't
open or save any file. When I go to Open File, the file selection window
never pops-up. If I do a Alt-Tab and change the focus to any other
desktop window (such as a Terminal), I can see the office "Open File"
window in the background, but there's no way I can put the focus on that
window. The same happens with other pop-up windows, but not all of them ("Search & Replace" works).

My sistem:

Linux Mit 13 x64, Cinnamon (latest patches)
Wine 1.4.1
PlayOnLinux 4.1.3
Office 2007 Enterprise

I'd really appreciate any help, as this is the only thing missing to completely drop out of Windows