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Cannot access Champion shop in League of Legend

ubunt 12.04

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wuzzy Zondag 3 Maart 2013 om 3:03

Using wine version:
1.5.5 League of Legend
1.5.12 Leagueoflegendshop

On ubntu 12.04

Whenever i click on the shop, in the lobby, a black screen shows up. How can i fix dis?
Firalus Zondag 3 Maart 2013 om 17:47

I am perfectly sure it does work with wine 1.5.22, probably also with newer ones.

On the other hand, these versions might have issues running the actual game, like they did on my PC.

If they do, you can still switch to them to access the shop and then switch back to an older one for the game. If you want to buy nothing else than champions however, a simpler workaround (which I use currently with 1.5.18-LeagueofLegends) is entering your profile, opening the Champions tab, opening the card of a particular champ and unlocking it from there.