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Oblivion water is purple and clear!

Oblivion water problems

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Skullflash Zaterdag 20 April 2013 om 12:37

I am currently running Ubuntu 12.10 with Playonlinux 4.2.1 and have installed Oblivion and shivering isles and patch 1.2.0416 and have the game running pretty good but any water in the game is see through and purple!

I am still new to the linux enviroment so any patches you may have please give me in straight forward text.

Many Thanks,

petch Zaterdag 20 April 2013 om 14:13

Makes me think of something I observed in Hitman 2:

As a workaround I had to disable environmental bump mapping in game settings

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booman Maandag 22 April 2013 om 18:23

What version of Wine are you running?
I got Oblivion to run almost flawlessly!
And it looked just as beautiful as in Windows!

I used Wine 1.3.14 (newer versions won't allow the Securom DRM to run)

Windows Packages:

Also try Configure, select Oblivion virtual drive, click Display tab:
Direct Draw Renderer: opengl
Video memory size: amount of memory on your video card
Offscreen rendering mode: fbo

Then click Wine tab:
Reboot Windows

I got Oblivion running with resolution 1440x900 and all the settings on high

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GNU_Raziel Dinsdag 23 April 2013 om 22:07

Fixed since last script update since there is no more need to disable shaders to run the game, thread closed.