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League of Legends - it's all the same ...

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shinydo Donderdag 2 Mei 2013 om 12:49

Hi guys !
just instaled LOL from playonlinux , first time it started fine after updating ... BUT !

Everytime i start launcher he tell me about updating ... so i must close it , and start it over and over , it can take sometimes 30 min to see the button ENTER and enter the game ... Can someone tell me how to fix it ?

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LamerTex Donderdag 2 Mei 2013 om 16:14

Try to go in the ../RiotGames/LeagueOfLegends/RADS directory and delete all the .log file, this works for me sometimes :)
Ronin DUSETTE Donderdag 2 Mei 2013 om 18:41

Yeah. That is an issue to this day. It just has to be restarted and done again.

LamerTex is correct, as I have seen that method work for people sometimes. Its worth a shot. :)

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shinydo Vrijdag 3 Mei 2013 om 9:09

thanks for answers ... =))
shinydo Vrijdag 3 Mei 2013 om 9:10

thanks for answers ... =))