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Diamond Donderdag 5 September 2013 om 21:23

When I click on Start button there appears message to install adobe air version wich I can't find and I can't install any version of Adobe air.
Previously LOL crashes after champion selection. Than I installed wine 1.7-LOL and the previos problem appeared. Can someone help?
Diamond Donderdag 5 September 2013 om 23:13

I forgot to tell you that I had that problems after updating LOL yesterday.
petch Vrijdag 6 September 2013 om 0:08

Probably related to http://www.playonlinux.com/en/issue-2978.html
Atrytone Zaterdag 7 September 2013 om 18:46

I also changed my wine version to 1.7 to fix the new patch (I've seen several reports of people getting LoL working again with this version of wine) and it's calling for a new version of Adobe air. Anyone know if I can get install a new version of Adobe air using PlayOnLinux?
Diamond Maandag 9 September 2013 om 7:43

The problem with adobe air is solved with installing the new version of wine - 1.7.1.
petch Maandag 9 September 2013 om 13:19

The required library has been embedded into the 1.7.x Wine builds
Atrytone Maandag 9 September 2013 om 18:28

Thanks, the adobe air problem was fixed by switching to 1.7.1 in the PlayOnLinux settings for League of Legends. However, I'm still getting bugsplats :(
petch Maandag 9 September 2013 om 18:47

One other major change in the script is that the shortcut now calls lol.launcher.admin.exe
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