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Can I disable networking for one game/wineprefix

So I can force the offline mode

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javsalgar Maandag 23 September 2013 om 13:32


Especially in Steam games, there are some of them that do not work correctly in online mode (for example, Might and Magic: Heroes VI crashes when it tries to synchronise saved games). Because of that, I was wondering:

Is it possible to disable networking (just like, for example, Virtualbox) in one wineprefix so I can force that offline mode? The easiest option would be disabling networking in the whole computer, but I would like to try this approach.

Thank you in advance.
petch Maandag 23 September 2013 om 18:31

No, Wine has no such feature (it's not a VM)
javsalgar Maandag 23 September 2013 om 18:55

No, Wine has no such feature (it's not a VM)

Quote from petch

I see :( thanks for the help!!
booman Dinsdag 24 September 2013 om 1:46

You can always go Offline in Steam. This way it won't sync with the cloud.
Or you can turn off your networking in Linux, launch Steam (automatically goes into offline mode) and then turn networking back on.

I've been doing this for years with windows and some games refuse to launch if they need updates. So be carefull with offline mode

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