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League of Legends - Ingame Shop Bug 3vs3 + ARAM

No red squares :)

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Culnamo Woensdag 25 September 2013 om 12:57

Hi everyone

I'm experiencing a graphic bug with the ingame item shop on twisted treeline and howling abyss. After the blue info windows appear the icons don't fit the shop frame anymore.

Before blue info window:

After blue info window:

Is anyone experiencing the same problem? If not what are your wine settings?
Does somebody know a way to diasble the blue info windows?

My System:
Mint 15
Wine 1.7 - 1.7.2
POL 4.2.1
Newest nvidia drivers

Things i tried so far without success:
- Various settings regarding resizing in LoL Game.cfg
- Various Wine version with and without patches including different d3d dlls and settings like Offscreen-rendering-mode
- Finding a way to disable the blue info windows

Thank you in advance for your help
Culnamo Donderdag 26 September 2013 om 4:54

After some digging into the game files I found the solution.

1. Navigate to /home/[username]/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/[virtualdrivename]/drive_c/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/solutions/lol_game_client_sln/releases/[0.0.0.XXX]/deploy/DATA/menu/hud

2. Open the file corresponding to the resolution you play with. For example hud1680x1050.ini

3. Add this lines and save:


This will move the tip tracker outside of the drawing area and as a result the shop will stay at its normal size.

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izberion Vrijdag 27 September 2013 om 19:43

Worked perfectly. Nice work.
booman Woensdag 30 October 2013 om 23:46

Cool fix! I wonder if this could be scripted?

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ThatReallySucks Donderdag 31 October 2013 om 8:49

Hey, just wanted to say that this worked for me as well! Awesome! I've had this problem ever since the 3.11 patch (among other things) and this fix crosses one issue off the list! Thank you so muc, Culnamo!
renatov Maandag 5 Mei 2014 om 18:46

Oh my God, this guy is a freaking genius!! Everything is working 100% now, thank you so much! I tested all 4 maps and all of them are working just fine. I really appreciate your help!
renatov Maandag 5 Mei 2014 om 19:45

I've done a comprehensive guide on "How to play League of Legends on Ubuntu 14.04". It covers everything: optimus notebooks, maestro disconnection error, user store error, in game shop big items etc... now League of Legends is 100% working here! If it helps you too, please, up vote my guide (:

NGFProductions Donderdag 22 Mei 2014 om 22:58

Since the patchupdate this morning the fix from above isn't working anymore, deleting it gives the same result as adding it: at first, the shop is looking good and how it should be, after buying one item the item icons move and get large again. Can anyone help me with this? I think the Tiptracker might be renamed.

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clerafel Zaterdag 24 Mei 2014 om 20:48

to me it has worked, and why they had not tried before
Error, the problem is exist

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felipem Donderdag 5 Juni\ 2014 om 6:26

Hi, I've tried to add these tip tracker parameters and couldn't fix the problem for good. Only some items are ok when I click them. Most of them make the shop get this bug. Do someone know why this solution isn't working for me? I have ubuntu 14.04 and a GeForce 425m. thanks
NGFProductions Zaterdag 7 Juni\ 2014 om 14:00

Since Patch 4.8 the tiptracker fix doesn't work anymore, apparantly something changed. With changing my wine version to the new 1.7.19-LeagueOfLegends2 version, I got the store back to working normally and the red squares were gone for the first time. I hope that will work for you too, felipem.
felipem Zaterdag 7 Juni\ 2014 om 21:26

NGF, just yesterday i discovered this new wine version and updated my playonlinux. I kept the tiptracker fix and it worked! I don't know if it was the new wine version alone that fixed the bug, but it worked! thanks!!!
plazma Zaterdag 7 Juni\ 2014 om 23:44

which new verion is this ? 1.7.19lol or 1.7.19lol2 ?

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felipem Zondag 8 Juni\ 2014 om 4:57

1.7.19-lol2 =)