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[3.12] League Of Legends shop. Black screen

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samiscool30 Donderdag 3 October 2013 om 18:05

So ever since I updated to patch 3.12 on LoL I can't get my shop to open anymore.  It's just a blank, black screen.  Anybody else have this?

izberion Donderdag 3 October 2013 om 18:39

Better than a crash on the 3.11 patch :P
sobelin Donderdag 10 October 2013 om 20:35

the shop never appeared for me, always a black screen
dracflamloc Dinsdag 15 October 2013 om 18:12


Any ideas if this works?
petch Dinsdag 15 October 2013 om 18:30

Never worked for me (that would be so easy to fix otherwise)

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