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siflar Maandag 11 November 2013 om 19:32

I am relatively new to LInux, but thanks to this thread I was able to get Hearthstone running again finally! :D

I'm running into the same 2x sound issue though when I launch it. How do you limit pulseaudio to prevent the overdrive? I'm running Wine 1.6 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
izberion Maandag 11 November 2013 om 19:42

Install cpulimit. It'll be in the Ubuntu repositories.

Open the terminal and enter: cpulimit -e pulseaudio -c 1 -l 10

"-c 1" tells it to limit to 1 core

"-l 10" tells it to limit to max 10%

That works well for my system but you might need to play with the numbers. And when you have this active, watch out for super high sound louds. It won't break anything, but it will cause your sound to get skippy.

By the way if you have any program with the fast audio/video it will help. I have to do this while watching Netflix though it takes some tweaking because of sync. With games I haven't noticed any sync problems yet.
siflar Maandag 11 November 2013 om 19:58

Yeah, I had the same problem with Netflix as well. Thank you very much for the quick reply!

I'll play with the numbers, and hopefully this will fix the Diablo 3 sound issues I was having too. Haha
izberion Maandag 11 November 2013 om 20:24

Good luck. By the way you can apply for the Heroes of the Storm beta now. It's not available yet though. And Blizzard's system reader that grabs your system details for your beta profile works perfectly through Wine, if you need to update your system details
vamphion Donderdag 12 December 2013 om 6:15

Hey i am new to linux and just got the beta to hearthstone as well.(just got it)
i try to run the exe with wine but it starts up battle.net and then gives me a error.
Napkin Donderdag 19 December 2013 om 8:40

Seems like the overriding of dbghelp.dll to "disabled" no longer works. Also, at least for me, the installation of the old crypt32 as booman suggested earlier doesn't work.

Would it be possible to make a patched version of wine available via PlayOnLinux?


There is the patch to make battle.net work, it's been updated last on November 17th. For some reason it's still waiting to be applied.
Napkin Vrijdag 20 December 2013 om 10:30

Ok, I did finally manage to compile the beast with the patch suggested on WineHQ.

I can confirm that Battle.net no longer crashes. Also, the news inside the Battle.net Client are successfully loaded and shown now. Without the need to set dbghelp.dll to "disabled"!

I will request a patched Wine version for PlayOnLinux.

Until then, anyone impatient like me can try the deb package I've build:


It needs all existing wine* and libwine-* packages to be removed from the system first. I haven't enforced any package dependencies. It will install everything to /usr/local/. In PlayOnLinux you need to configure the wineprefix to use the "System" Wine version.

Napkin Vrijdag 20 December 2013 om 10:52

booman Vrijdag 20 December 2013 om 17:04

Awesome, thanks for updating us. Try requesting a patched version of Wine at contact@playonlinux.com
They might patch it for you.

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killua99 Dinsdag 28 Januari 2014 om 0:43

Hi guys,

First thanks for this forum and you hard work on playonlinux :D

I'm trying to run the battle.net program but it's really hard. I see this patch is working.


I was trying to read the docu to generate a wine version and add it to the "wine library" to select an extra one and not the system or other wine config. It's hard to make a compilation of wine with this patch? Thanks!