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Garena Messenger and League of Legends in Ubuntu 12.04?

How to install proper way

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alique89 Vrijdag 15 November 2013 om 2:31

I have been trying time and time again but they have to be installed separately so they do not work. Additionally, I cannot get it to patch so I can't start the PVP.net client. I have been trying to do it using Playonlinux since wine is way too complicated to a noob like me. Please answer as if you are talking to someone who is very familiar with windows but has just decided to switch to linux for stability. Thanks!

booman Vrijdag 15 November 2013 om 16:32

Unfortunately Garena does not have a lot of positive results at WineHQ's:  [url=http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=5335]Garena[/url]

But of course that doesn't mean it "won't" work... 

Sounds like you are trying to use Garena to chat with League of Legends friends... correct?
Can you give us a little more information on what you are trying to do?

I also need a few bits of information about your system:
  1. Ubuntu 32-bit or 64-bit
  2. Version of PlayOnLinux
  3. Wine version
  4. Video chip (Nvidia, Intel, AMD)
  5. Video drivers = open source, proprietary?
  6. LoL - script or manual install?

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