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Not working with Mavericks

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adam81 Woensdag 4 December 2013 om 0:04

I'm running Mavericks on my MacBook Pro. Once I open the app nothing happens. It bounces forever like the app is trying to open and then just freezes. Does Playonmac work with Mavericks?
petch Woensdag 4 December 2013 om 0:20

According to the author (http://www.playonlinux.com/fr/topic-11161-Compatibilite_Mavericks.html, french), "PlayOnMac is fully compatible, but you may have to reinstall XQuartz"
alcronk Woensdag 4 December 2013 om 4:37

It worked well for me. I am on 10.9 too and have been playing on Steam just fine